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May this 2012 be a delightful year!! Coming back after 60 years, the year of the dragon! Wish this year will be a vibrant and colorful year just like a dragon for you. I keep growing oldㅠㅠ Super Junior Leeteuk

E.L.F! Have a happy new year. Super Junior Yesung.

In 2012…I’ll be the only one who’s rich~♡ It’s a joke!! Super Junior Shindong

In 2012, let’s stay in love~!!♡ Super Junior Eunhyuk

In 2012!! Let’s also feel each day with only happy things!! Super Junior Sungmin

I wish we will be so much in love, thankful, and always together…♥ SJ Siwon

I’m spending the new year with the members ㅎㅎ Jealous?? Have a happy new year with Super Junior!^-^ Be healthy! Just like the East Sea (Donghae)… Super Junior Donghae

Well.. Let’s forget everything in the past and expect brilliant things in 2012… To the rough open field~ let’s run away♬ Super Junior Kyuhyun

1]궁(0곡… What is this?ㅋㅋ I’ve also posted it on Twitter. “See it upside down” ㅋ It’s a Ryeowook Gag. I love you♥ Happy New Year!!! Super Junior Ryeowook. Love you! (note: 1]궁(0곡 —- if you see it upside down it will become ‘눈이 온다’ means ‘The snow is falling’.)

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Super Junior Choi Siwon menghiasi cover terbaru dari majalah GQ Korea untuk bulan mei. Dengan daya tarik dan wajah btampannya, Siwon mengiklankan fasshion Musim semi dan musim panas dari 2011!

dalam pemotretan ini, Siwon mengiklankan banyak macam gaya yang berbeda dari fashion jam tangan “DNA of Emporio Armani”.

Netizens yang melihat foto2 berkomentar, “Siwon itu makhluk tuhan kk,” “Dia terlihat sangat ganteng di foto2 ini!” “Oh~ Foto2 dia yang ini tanpa cacat!”

Sementara itu, Super Junior baru2 ini telah mengumumkan kalau mereka akan merilis “Bonamana’ di Jepang.

Berikut foto2ny:

Source: lynchae1106 @ sj-market
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